E39 Cluster Pixel Repair At Home, Prime Edition (VIDEO)

E39 Cluster Pixel Repair At Home, Prime Edition (VIDEO)

The moment I got my E39 M5 Wagon running for the first time, I was a little confused by the gibberish on the cluster. Turns out, my cluster suffered from the infamous dead pixel issue, and would need to be replaced.

Well finally, on today's episode of the build, we address this problem with some help from our friends at Amazon! Luckily for us enthusiasts, Amazon brings a multitude of replacement parts for our cars at very affordable prices, and they're readily available in 2 days or less. This screen showed up soon after I ordered it, has free returns, and a warranty behind. Thank you Amazon for creating a reliable marketplace. (You can find the pixel repair kit I purchased here.)

Now, below I've attached the High-Resolution photos showing the precise holes you must drill INTO the face of your cluster in order to release the LCD screen housing from the circuit board. This is by far the most risky part of this repair, so if you don't have steady hands, or experience with a soldering iron/drill, I wouldn't recommend attempting at home. There are plenty of qualified people who can perform this service for a very reasonable fee (usually between $100 to $150).

e39 cluster screw repair lcd display
e39 instrument cluster repair lcd screw
e39 instrument cluster repair lcd screwe39 instrument cluster repair lcd screw
Now you can find our video below, which has more detail about how I performed this procedure, and some handy tips on how you can do this safely as well! Enjoy and thanks for watching!

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