How to Retrofit a Compass Mirror on any Old BMW (It's Plug 'n Play!)

How to Retrofit a Compass Mirror on any Old BMW (It's Plug 'n Play!)

So I heard some rumors and pictures online about this compass mirror retrofit, and everyone claimed that it was a plug-n-play upgrade to the older model BMW's, like my E39 Touring (also works on E46, E38, E60, E90, maybe other's I'm missing). These compass mirrors also come standard with Homelink, and Auto-Dimming, so you get all the features.

Now, installing the new mirror is just half the job, as finding these can be a little tricky. See, the LCD screen is hidden beneath a 2-way mirror, so spotting it if you're hunting at the junkyard can be a little tricky. Hell, even some of the listings on eBay can be incorrectly labelled. The EASIEST way to tell if you have a lucky compass mirror or not will be by the "Calibrate" button that's on the underside. This button you'll have to use in order to calibrate the compass after your first installation.

bmw compass mirror calibrate button

So once you've got the right mirror, installation is simple! To get your mirror off, you'll first split the plastic casing that covers the arm assembly. Then, simply twist the arm in either direction about 60 degrees.  Don't forget to disconnect the electrical connector, and you're free! Installation is reverse as removal, and that's it!

Check out our Youtube video more details:

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