BMW Round 20-pin Diagnostic Adapter Bypass!

BMW Round 20-pin Diagnostic Adapter Bypass!

In today's video, we perform an OBD adapter bypass on the E46! This mod applies to all BMW models between 1996 and 2000, including a few other models outside of those years (E36, E46, E39, and e38 series).

If you have a Round OBD port in the engine bay, AND ALSO a traditional 16-pin OBDII port under your dashboard, then you can do this mod! Simply "short" pins 17 and 20 on the cap, and you'll now be able to scan every module (ABS, IKE, Body Module, Instrument Cluster, HVAC) with INPA, or any other scanner, from inside the car! 



  • Kris

    If I accidentally farted into the internal obd2 port will it damage the ecu or be enough to melt this solder?

    I think I may have done this today now my car won’t start…

  • Vincent

    Once I’m done can I screw this back in and drive my car with the cap bridged?

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