Should you do a BMW Motor Swap? What is a "M-Conversion"?

Should you do a BMW Motor Swap? What is a "M-Conversion"?

Today, I wanted to talk about BMW Motor swaps, and the implications thereof. If you're familiar with The Bimmer Barn garage, you'll know we currently have an E36 332ti, as well as an E39 M5 Touring. I personally built these cars myself, and have also done a few other swaps in my past. I'm here to share some knowledge, opinions, and hopefully inspire someone to help them on their own project.

Check out our video down below, and leave a comment with your thoughts or insights. And as always, thanks for watching!

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  • Warren Warren…

    I’m swapping an N54 into my e91. How did you code your e91 DME/CAS to the N54? I live in a State that allows engine swaps, but the odometer/cluster must remain the original with the original miles. Thanks for any advice you can give… thx!!!

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