E39/E38 Door Pull Gasket Ring

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You ever notice how your door handle doesn't return to it's resting position, and just dangles loosely when you're not pulling it? Have trouble opening your door from the inside?

Many E39 (and E38) door handles suffer from the common problem of this gasket ring failing. Being made of 20+ year old rubber, this ring breaks down and disintegrates to nothing, leave the door pull cable to rub directly on the metal loop, and leaving a ton of play in the handle itself!

Our door pull gasket rings are made of high quality TPU material that is flexible yet strong, and will last the test of time. Custom designed in-house, and manufactured using the latest in 3D-Printing technology, this OE part will make your car feel like new again.


  • Fits door handles on E39 and E38 between 1996 and 2001 (will NOT work on front E39 LCI door handles) Part Numbers: 51218226050 & 51218226049
  • 3D-Printed using flexible, temperature resistant TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane)
  • Simple Installation
  • Kit includes a full set of 4 gaskets

Installation Video:

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