Fiat 500 Antenna Delete Kit

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Tired of that old, shabby antenna on your Fiat 500? It's time to level up your ride with our Fiat 500 Antenna Removal Kit. This awesome kit has everything you need to replace that outdated antenna with style and ease, all without sacrificing your radio reception!

What's Inside:

  • 1x Stainless Steel Antenna Insert
  • 1x Custom Designed 3D-Printed Spacer
  • 1x Allen Key Tool

Why Remove the Factory Antenna?

The factory antenna on your Fiat 500 can degrade from UV and weather exposure, leaving an unsightly appearance on your car. It can fade, crack, and will fall to pieces leaving an unsightly eye-sore on the roof.

Our Fiat 500 Antenna Removal Kit offers a solution. It replaces the factory antenna with a lower-profile, modern alternative, refreshing your car's appearance without sacrificing radio reception. 


Stainless Steel: Our kit includes a top-notch stainless steel screw that's built to last. No more worrying about rust, or wear and tear spoiling your antenna upgrade.

Custom-Made 3D-Printed Washer: We've designed a 3D-printed washer, specially made to seamlessly complete the look of the antenna delete. This gives your Fiat 500 a fresh, polished look.

Easy-Peasy Installation: To make this install as simple as possible, we've included an allen wrench to install the replacement antenna. All that's needed is possibly a pair of pliers, although most antennas are just hand-tight from the factory!

Installation Video: